What is This About?

The Four Hour Chef, the Wall Street Journal bestseller by the author Tim Ferriss, reinvents learning through the mastering of cooking.


I created this site as a support for people living outside the US (like me) that want to follow the recipes in the Four Hour Chef.

This book is divided into 5 main sections:

  1. Meta-learning, where all necessary skills to power up your learning (of anything) are dissected. Spanish in 6 months? Yes. Memorising a deck of cards in 60 seconds? Yes. Building a fire efficiently? Yes.
  2. The Domestic: an introduction to the most basic techniques and recipes, cramming 6 months of culinary school in 48 hours. Even if the book ended here, this alone would return many times the purchase in terms of personal gain and quality of life.
  3. The Wild: focused on survival skills and self-sufficiency, this is all about defeating fears in and out of the kitchen. Make your own shelter in the wild, catch pigeons,  forage, learn to make a fire, and to obtain water.
  4. The Scientist: cooking at the molecular level. Ever wondered about spherification? Emulsification? Fermentation? All and more in this section.
  5. The Professional: what makes the best cooks in the world the best cooks in the world?

Each section is full with links to tons of useful products, tools, gadgets, and ingredients (mostly on Amazon) for cooking the recipes. The problem, unfortunately, is that all of them are links to amazon.com (the US site), which means that people in other countries have to look their ways either googling the products, or finding them in the Amazon website in their respective country. On top of that, on many cases, the same product that Tim Ferriss recommends to purchase in the US version of Amazon, is not available in other countries.

This site provides you with the solution, without having to do all the hard work of looking for all the products on your own:

  • Links to the same products that Tim Ferriss recommends, or similar products, are listed here for Amazon in several countries (note: only uk at the time).
  • Links are listed for recipe in the respective section: DOM, WILD, SCI, or PRO (note: under construction).
  • Links to the gear are listed in Gear.
  • Links to the pantry list are in Pantry.

Myself having gone through a part of this book, I can say how I have gone from being a useless chump in the kitchen, to having been praised for my dishes by people who cook as a hobby, and truly in a minimal time investment!

But don’t trust in my word, try it by yourself exploring the recipes in the Four Hour Chef (uk hard cover, uk kindle).

And don’t forget to bookmark this website for future reference! If you live out of the United States, and are learning with the Four Hour Chef, you’ll want to come to this site constantly!

Cheers, and enjoy your cooking adventure!

PS: Do you have suggestions, comments, or you simply want to say hello? Contact at: 4hourcheflinks@gmail.com

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